Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Remember when we had actual chores?

I'm not talking about regular sissy chores, but real down-and-dirty chores.

I can distinctly remember waking up early, pulling on those old fire-fighter boots, wrapping some dingy, old (yet warm) coat around me and trudging my way to the goat barn with one of those blue plastic buckets. There you'd break apart a bale of alfalfa, you'd probably have to rummage in the hay for an old string so you could rub it against the new one and burn through it. You'd fight those momma goats away from the gate so they didn't stampede out of the pen area, and then try and separate one at a time so that you could milk them. Always being wary that they didn't step in the pail, or worse, knock it over. Momma wouldn't be happy if you spilled the milk. Repeat x3.

Then you'd drop the milk off on the porch, or take it into the kitchen and make your way next to the rabbit barn/chicken hutch/ pig pen. Each posed their own unique set of challenges, requiring a different set of skills and diligence.

An hour or so later you'd come back to the warm house smelling like animals. If you were lucky, you had time to shower before you would run down the 18 mile driveway, avoiding the mud-puddle, with wet hair in time to catch the bus. Where you would ride to school with a bunch of kids who knew exactly what you were going through, because they had just done it themselves.

A long day of Mrs. This, and Algebra that, and you'd be back home to repeat the process before dinner. Because "you don't get to eat until those animals do" can't you hear Momma saying that?

Today my day was filled with sissy chores. Vacuuming, dishes, the eternal toy pick up, and I remembered those other chores fondly. Heaven knows why.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The family bed in the house on Gambol Quail

We have always had a family bed.........since Sara was a brand new baby and I was determined to breastfeed her no matter the doctor saw how exhausted I was and said, "Lisa take that baby to bed with you!" I got the best nights sleep that I had in months.

Family bed had begun.

WHen I think about our beautiful house in Colorado Springs on Gambol Quail, I am grateful for so many of them was our king-size waterbed.

As I sit here tonight at my computer listening to soft music, "quiet music" we have called it since those Colorado nights on Gambol Quail.

It wasn't unusual for there to be 3-4 kids in our bed with us at any given time.....Sara was older and rarely came to our bed, unless there had been a been a bad dream in her night.

Abby was usually there and of course Owen, he was born when we lived there, almost born in that house and Hope too....

Beautiful quiet music began to waft there, Temple in the Forest our first tape....back then there were tapes......

Now there are cd's....and itunes and ihomes.......

but I remember the lovely master bedroom that attached to the bath, it was a good sized room and decorated so nicely....

I labored in my chair there in that bedroom for 2 births....

I had a nice little nitelight in the headboard and I could read after my hubby went to sleep

We made sweet love there and a baby named Hope.

Such a nice place...........

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Almanor

That house ROCKED. I remember:
  • spending hours and hours on the dock
  • all of us trying to squeeze in that kitchen to "help cook"
  • bundling up in sweat pants and hoodies at night
  • bats dive bombing us at dinner
  • the porch that would give you splinters if you werent careful
  • those AWESOME bedrooms with treasures in every untouched drawer
  • the storage room under the porch, if you were brave enough you could find all sorts of watercraft
  • learning how to play poker with Grandpa
  • Uncle Elvis playing football with us
  • watching Grandma Cecile hold onto the hand rail as she "swam" in the morning
  • realizing one summer that I recognized the way to get there....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Soon we leave....

Soon, in a week or so, most of my family will head back to where it all began. TO the Indianapolis 500.

I don't remember much about the race that year, but here is a synopsis.

What I do remember was watching the race with a new guy in the short shoot between the first and second turns.

We will be able to show that place to our kids, relive some old times, create new ones and look to the future....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scooping Steer Feed

I remember the Wiersma's who so kindly donated feed for my 4-H steers. They said I could take the "push outs". Push outs are what the dairy cows didn't eat because they pushed it too far away from themselves in the feed troughs. Every day Momma or Poppa and I would go to the dairy and fill two big plastic garbage cans with feed. It was this great mix of alfalfa, grain and other wonderful things. It was BY FAR the best feed I could be giving my steers.

Tiny won Grand Champion once he was on the hook, I have no doubt that his great marbling and musculature was because of this great feed. I didn't know enough to have done anything else to make it happen. :)

Doing this every day meant that we dealt with A LOT of weather while we salvaged feed. I remember scooping up feed with the snow whipping against my face. I would put on my big work gloves and use my little hands as big paddles to fill up the buckets. Often times it would be dark before we got over there and we would be working underneath the big yard lights of the dairy.

I can still smell the wet alfalfa and the sweet grain... Funny how I remember that smell over the actual smell of the dairy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

When UVSC Hockey was ranked #2 in the West

I remember when UVSC hockey was ranked #2 in the west. It was Fall of 2008. We were in Colorado when we found out. Bo (Coach) was on the bus with the team going to Colo State for the game, I was getting ready to leave the hotel for the game, I had Winter and Tuff and Jamie with me. I got a phone call to check the rankings.

UVSC - #2, I called Coach and told him to listen and listen good...he heard me and then annoucnced it to the whole bus! The whole bus cheered and were yelling. We were all so proud.

We went on to win that game that night. Great game, great time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cleaning Up After Abby

I remember when we were younger (around 10 and 6) I would always clean Abby's room once it got to the point where we couldn't see the floor, let alone walk. She had a big white waterbed and I would start by taking everything off the floor and either putting it away or putting it on the bed as a staging place to be put away later. Needless to say there was always a huge mountain of crap on her bed until I got the place done. The floor would be clean, but seriously... a MOUNTAIN of stuff on the bed.
I only cleaned for her a couple times a year I would guess.... but when I did it was always an adventure.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Midnight Showing

I remember as a little girl, I must have been around 5 or 6, Owen was just a little boy and had a favorite movie. He would watch it over and over and over, what movie was it? Lion King? Ghostbusters? Both? Whichever it was, I hated that movie because we watched it so much at our house.

Now I sit here, late at night with my own baby boy while he watches his favorite movie, Step Up 2the Streets. I know every song, every line, every step to every dance. Thankfully my boy has good taste, unlike his Uncle Owen. I haven't gotten sick of this movie yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Beginning.....

Our family began when my good friend Ruth Ann Cadou brought her ‘boyfriend’ to my house to spend race weekend. I remember when she pulled up in my backyard, she drove right over the grass (this was customary race weekend) to park beside my back door. She drove a triumph spitfire convertible and I hated her for it! Her boyfriend got out of the car and carried in snacks and supplies for a great race weekend party. I didn’t notice him really, he was hers and she was not a woman you wanted to fight over a man. We stood in my kitchen and talked and I secretly chuckled over her use of a snobby rich accent when she called him by name, ‘Matthew’. He instructed me to call him Matt and I just shrugged, ‘whatever’. She seemed smitten.

Unfortunately it was my duty to inform them that her dad had begged my mom not to let them sleep together. She started with a loud laugh and grabbed his arm and acted like she was in a soap opera, Matt on the other hand turned 5 shades of white, ‘we’re not together,’ he said quickly and tersely. Ruth Ann kept laughing and holding onto him. ‘Ok,’ I said, ‘whatever,’ and laughed some more, whether with them or at them, I still don’t know.

Ruth Ann’s dad was taking us all to dinner later that night. As I was coming down the stairs from my bedroom after getting ready, Matt was sitting in the living room and he looked up and saw me and his eyes lit up, they just really lit up and he said, ‘are you coming to dinner with us?’, I replied I was and he said, ‘good!’

From that moment on we were inseparable, we were inseparable the entire weekend. Ruth Ann had even hooked me up with a date for the race the next day and I hardly remember him. Race day I sat with Matt and we laughed and watched the race. He fed me potato salad that he had scooped with pretzels instead of chips and called me ‘toots’. (Dumb but true) We flirted and cooed while race cars whizzed in front of us on the track, I am sure Ruth Ann and my ‘date’ were looking on, I just don’t remember. After the race we all went to a local pub and I sat next to my ‘date’, but I was too busy playing footsie with Matt under the table. Matt ordered for me, paid my tab, (I mean what was my date doing all this time, I’ll never know) then Matt and I got up from the table and within half an hour we left them all behind.

We drove around the city laughing in my car, me the crazy passionate city girl, him the guy from an Alaskan town without a stoplight. We never looked back, a bond was cemented, hearts united, we became, were and still are crazy about each other, best friends together…..we were married 6 months later. He says he’s married to a crazy woman….


As a family we've traveled all over the place for one reason or another. We have collected some fin memories along the way, and this is a place where we want to share them with you.

As we say "We put the fun in dysfunctional" so strap in, we're gonna have fun.