Friday, February 6, 2009

Midnight Showing

I remember as a little girl, I must have been around 5 or 6, Owen was just a little boy and had a favorite movie. He would watch it over and over and over, what movie was it? Lion King? Ghostbusters? Both? Whichever it was, I hated that movie because we watched it so much at our house.

Now I sit here, late at night with my own baby boy while he watches his favorite movie, Step Up 2the Streets. I know every song, every line, every step to every dance. Thankfully my boy has good taste, unlike his Uncle Owen. I haven't gotten sick of this movie yet.


gg said...

Owen's favorite was 'Little Mermaid' wasn't it?

Miss Sara said...

I personally remember Ghostbusters, Batman, Lion King and Little Mermaid... oh, and Milo and Otis and Muppet Treasures.

gg said...

I thought that the name of the movie was 'Milo and Notice'?