Monday, February 9, 2009

When UVSC Hockey was ranked #2 in the West

I remember when UVSC hockey was ranked #2 in the west. It was Fall of 2008. We were in Colorado when we found out. Bo (Coach) was on the bus with the team going to Colo State for the game, I was getting ready to leave the hotel for the game, I had Winter and Tuff and Jamie with me. I got a phone call to check the rankings.

UVSC - #2, I called Coach and told him to listen and listen good...he heard me and then annoucnced it to the whole bus! The whole bus cheered and were yelling. We were all so proud.

We went on to win that game that night. Great game, great time!

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Winter said...

Wow.... that was a great life experience for all of us.